Sa Letrang Eych

by Enzo Tacadao

Himay. Use himay in a sentence.
I himay the fish to cut down the loses of the prophetic environment notwithstanding the ugly norms.

Halimaw. Use halimaw in a sentence.
Halimaw! Halimaw! You filthy scumbag, I just washed my fashionista shades, buy me one, now.

Himalaya. Use Himalaya in a sentece.
There is a place we call Himalaya, it’s a sexist society. Men are only free.

Himpapawid. Use himpapawid in a sentence.
Himpapawid is something that you eat when you cannot eat reality.

Halimbawa. Use halimbawa in a sentence.
You are the halimbawa of sea colliding with my vehicle (that my parents bought) — treason.

Hinayupak. Use hinayupak in a sentence.
People who think like what was mentioned above are simply hinayupak.