Best with a Teddy Bear

by Enzo Tacadao

Dreams are temples of thousands of un-achieved mistakes;
road to perfection is almost what you make.
Treaty for the binding principles of mortal slate
that Mr. African child wants on his plate.

Takes trillions of sands to flow into the air;
heaven is nothing but a mental gore to bear.
Sleep is the best weapon against nightmares;
dim the light and put this on your old teddy bear.

No sense in dreaming if you are after achieving;
sleep is for the weak who wants to become the king of lingering.

Imagination fills up the dark vision of the eyes —
that empties up the years of failed tries.

Dream when you are supposed to be awake;
sleep when you are supposed to ache —
because it is in your sleep you see real life
and it is in your real life where you can fly your kite.

by Enzo Tacadao / Lorenzo Tacadao