Death: Smith of Culture, Personality, and Life

by Enzo Tacadao


Death: Smith of Culture, Personality, and Life

The idea of death is a make-believe tale that forges the betterment of each and everyone. It makes everything more interesting, fulfilling, and crazy all at the same time.

Now, what happens when you know the exact date and time of your demise? Is life more interesting or a puppet show? The mystery of death creates people’s personality and culture. The mere perception of it parachutes all reasons into their right places. However, this can be changed with one simple resolution – the date and time of your death.

Will you act according to your principles and beliefs if you know you are going to die in 8 months, 19 hours, 13 minutes, and 3 seconds from now? Or just live a life so safe that nobody from your friends and family members would mix oil into your grave? The latter would certainly be the more popular and less cynical choice. If you know when you are going to leave your consciousness there is a great possibility of you taking care of your steps. Cowardice? Maybe. Religious? Most certainly.

The uncertainty of death molds and forges the person you are. When you were a child, you did not care about anything outside the realm of your family, playmates, and toys. When you grow old, expectations come into the picture bombing each mindset pose. Simply put, the mystery of death becomes more covert. The more secrets death offers you, the more likely you mold your personality, your mind, and your life per se. You don’t know when you are going to pass away, which is why you feel immortal – in any aspect not associated with your biological life. You become immortal in your beliefs, in your relationships, in your adventures, and in pursuit of happy death.

An expiration date cannot be seen in any of part of human’s body; not even self-proclaimed clairvoyants can determine when you will pass away – the mystery of life and death at its ripest and sweetest display. With this, all of us act freely – not safely, not responsibly, not carefully – just freely. We do not care about life because we are living it, but we care about death because we are not yet experiencing it and do not know when will it be. We love to linger on fantasies, and death is a fantasy not easy to resist.

The mystery of death makes humans pleasure on Hedonistic activities: education, work, vacations, parties, and love. By knowing your last day from the moment you gain your consciousness in this world, everything changes from hedonism to consequentialism. We would strive hard to do better to seal good name and to toil fruits of make-believe wisdom and kindness to humanity. Personal freedom takes the back seat.

If you know when you are going to die, will you even reach the bottom part of this writing? Of course not. You would be living the life as we know it.

by Lorenzo Tacadao / Enzo Tacadao

Photo: ‘4:20 Moonset’ (Pasig City, 2012) by Enzo Tacadao