Tagaytay Foggy Sunday

by Enzo Tacadao

Last week, we went to Cafe Katerina in Tanay. The chilling winds reminded us of Tagaytay, so we thought: why not go there as well? Rose and I drove our way to Tagaytay for a quick Sunday escape from the concrete jungle. Apparently, it is best to go to Tagaytay when the sun is sinking — not-so-crowded restaurants, almost empty roads, and fairly shorter travel time.

Went straight to Mahogany Market for some legit bulalo and crispy tawilis dinner. We finished our championship dinner around 8:00 PM; Sky Ranch’s Sky Eye conquers the foggy night sky, inviting us, we gave in.


Lyleth’s Eatery’s famous bulalo.


Crispy tawilis is like fish and chips rolled into one.

Like a post-apocalypse movie scene was the imagery of Sky Ranch on a foggy Sunday night. We were the only ones left in the park, almost literally. Rode the iconic Sky Eye that left girlfriend with shaking legs (she’s not good with heights).


Mandatory umbrella, fog, lights and shadows shot.


Mandatory umbrella, fog, lights and shadows shot.


Alien abduction in progress.


Played with Sky Eye’s LED lights, this was the result.


Trippy carousel.

To cap off the Sunday date, we headed to Bag of Beans for coffee and cake. The hype is real. The blueberry cheesecake was soulful.


The hype is real.



If you want to stay away from the mammoth crowd of summer tourists in Tagaytay on a weekend, go there on a Sunday night. Less stress.