Talisayen Cove: Swim, Hike, Jiu-jitsu

by Enzo Tacadao

Rose and I celebrated our sixth anniversary at Talisayen Cove in Zambales. Swim, hike, and jiu-jitsu — splendid is an understatement.


Talisayen (Talisayin) is definitely not the most popular cove in San Antonio, Zambales, and that attracted us. Since we are not really fans of populated beaches, Talisayen was perfect. A wallflower in semantics, Talisayen is surprising and unassuming. Beautiful. The beauty was all for us for the whole day and night — no other soul in that side of the cove but us (of course, except a couple of staff members).



We drove our way to Brgy. Pundaquit in the town of San Antonio where we met Kuya Michael. His family is the proprietor of a chunk of Talisayen’s area. We head to the barangay’s shore to start the 30-minute boat ride to the cove. When we arrived at Talisayen, no sea of people but sea of blue and grayish white.

Grilled pork liempo, tilapia, and sausages. Ate our heart out. Hiked to the top of the ranges where the view was no less than picturesque. Swam all by ourselves in the pristine calm waters. Rolled light in our gi. Ate dinner while watching the the flame of the bonfire dance with the mild winds.