Tanay Parola. Kainan sa Tabing Lawa. Sunset

by Enzo Tacadao

Instead of munching our hearts out in crowded fancy restaurants in the Metro, Rose and I decided to take our Valentine’s Day celebration in Tanay (just like we did last year: Tanay: The Convenient Tagaytay).

Using our new project car we fondly call “Birdy”, a Nissan U13 Altima, we cruised through Manila East Road to reach Kainan sa Tabing Lawa restaurant for a late lunch. Large wooden windows accented with capiz shells, chairs decorated with red and pink cloth, and view of the Laguna de Bay introduced us to an epic Valentine’s Day meal. Our order: fried dalag (mudfish), pork sisig, and sinigang ng sugpo (prawn). Needless to say, we were full to the brim. Fresh and tasty dishes; no one can blame us.



After finishing a meal likely meant for three to four people, we hurled towards the Parola (lighthouse) to catch the sunset. The site was packed with teenagers and adult lovers celebrating their Valentine’s Day. The Parola was rather a vertically challenged lighthouse compared to its counterparts, but we cared less. While the sun was slowly sinking, the shadow of the Tanay Parola had become more dramatic. We are not a cheesy couple, but with that kind of scenery, we weren’t able to help it but to stare at the silhouettes of the small boats, large bamboo stalks, and lovers.



Nothing really much to see in Tanay’s mighty Parola, but the “simple life” vibe, the smiles of the locals, dramatic sunset, and great food make it a unique experience. Rizal, you never fail to amaze us.