I Will Get Married Soon

by Enzo Tacadao

It’s been months since I last posted. Busy schedule to blame.

As the title of this post claims, Rose and I will get married soon. 🙂

We’re a couple since April 2009. We had a fair share of ups and downs just like any normal couple. From an LDR (long-distance relationship) couple to an inseparable one.

I cannot imagine being with a different woman to share the future with. True love — sounds cliche’ but that’s what I feel. Someone who makes me happy, supports me, inspires me, understands me, and motivates me — this is Rose. There’s nothing more I could ask for.

Before the Proposal

Rose clearly told me that she doesn’t want me to buy her a ring and propose, all she wanted was for me to ask her parent’s approval. But, I wanted to be classy and sweet — she deserves that.

I asked her office mates Kath and Jeff to help me get her ring size. I also asked my UST friends for final ring design suggestions. I ordered the ring from a jewelry shop in Malolos, Bulacan. I chose a minimalist design since Rose is a not a fan of fancy things.

Months before the proposal, I’ve been thinking of the perfect way to propose. My original plan was thrown out of the window due to certain circumstances. I had to think for another plan. Unlike the original plan, the second one is more intimate and discreet.

I did not want to propose to her without asking her parents first. Weeks before the proposal, I asked her older brother to help me set a date with their parents. Her parents and I had dinner in Cubao, I told them that I was planning to proposer to their daughter. They gave me their blessing. 🙂

Last Minute Preparations

The final plan was this: ask her to have dinner in Rustic Mornings in Marikina City, one of our favorite restaurants, show her a book that contains photographs of her and our travels together, and pop the question.


I told her that a client from my auto repair shop gifted me a voucher for Rustic Mornings. She had no choice but to join me because I told the voucher was about to expire. I made a pseudo voucher, complete with QR code (when you scan the code, you will get “Will You Marry Me?”), control number (date when we became a couple, 04282009). I had it printed and showed it to her to make her think that nothing fishy’s going on.

I did not want just to go on one knee and pop the question out of nowhere. I wanted it to be more romantic and surprising. Ever since we became a couple, my passion for photography doubled. She’s my number one supporter, spoiling me with different photography equipment and accessories.

I told her that I have an early Christmas gift for her, a book containing various photographs I took over the years. I browsed my PC for photos from our travels together and those that remind me of her. I ended up with some 30+ black and white photos. Printed them in paper, and had it photocopied to make it look more antiquated. The title of the book was “light, in absence of which” since she’s my light, my aide.



December 11, 2016

We arrived at the restaurant. Shaky and nervous, I tried my best to act normal. I set up my camera and tripod; told her it’s for “photo opp.” Our food and drinks came. I told her that before we eat, she should check my gift first.

She slowly lifted the pages. We reminisced the memories of each picture. But she did not know that the last two pages are something different. The second to the last page was this picture of me with her parents and older sister:


She did not recognize the picture at first: “Kailan ito?” was her innocent question. Then, another second passed, she suddenly realized it. She started to cry. I asked her to flip to the next page for this picture of the ring:


Her tears flowed even more. I became more shaky. On one knee, I asked her to marry me. She held my face and told me “Yes.”


We are getting married soon, and we’re so excited.